Religions Tree: The Evolution of the World's Religions from Beginning to Present

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Proto-Indo-European religion

Introduced 2400 BCE, ended 300 BCE.

The ancient religion of the area that is now Iran, dating from around 2400 BCE. The polytheistic religion was the precursor of both Zoroastrianism and Vedism.

Child Religions:
NameStart DateEnd Date 
Vedism1500 BCE600 BCE
Zoroastrianism551 BCE 
Vaishnavism700 BCE 
Vedanta600 BCE 
Early Buddhism483 BCE300 BCE
Shaktism600 CE 
Saivism400 BCE 
Sikhism1499 CE 
Jainism500 BCE 
Smartism820 CE 
Lingayat1200 CE 
Theravada Buddhism300 BCE 
Mahayana Buddhism100 CE 
Hare Krishna1965 CE