Religions Tree: The Evolution of the World's Religions from Beginning to Present

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This site is an attempt to illustrate the evolution of the world's religions in the form of a tree. In many cases this oversimplifies the multiple influences that gave rise to the beliefs and traditions of a given religion, but I believe that it's a worthwhile undertaking nonetheless.
The start and end dates of each religion and the descriptions of each are under continual revision. Where there is uncertainty surrounding the start date of any given religion, I've gone with the latest date of the range of possibilities.
About Me
I'm Stephen Aggett. I live in Manchester, UK, and work as a full time .NET software engineer. I studied Philosophy at Bristol from 2001 to 2004 and am currently studying for an MA in Critical Theory at MMU. I haven't studied religion formally, it's simply a spare time interest of mine, as is Microsoft's rich client technology, Silverlight, which was used to build this site.
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